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Black Line was born, a line of dermocosmetic products based on natural active ingredients that remove residual chlorine and bromine allowing you to take with you only the well-being and relaxation of a swim or a few hours spent in water with friends.

Its patented formulation is the result of years of studies and researches supported by a team of experts in the dermocosmetic sector. Its proven effectiveness in removing chlorine is combined with a natural antifungal action. Designed for professional athletes, the soap-free and non-foaming formulation makes it suitable for very frequent use. It respects natural ph of skin and is the ideal solution even for the most sensitive skin and for children over 3 years old.


Chlorune smell on skin and hair is for many pool lovers almost a distinctive sign, a source of pride, a symbol of hours spent training, living proof of sacrifices made day after day in company of the line on the pool bottom. The Black Line.

The Black Line

We know how chlorine is essential to allow us to enjoy a nice dip in pool, but the smell we soak in is actually proof that showers and normal detergents and shampoos are unable to remove it from skin and hair.

Chlorine binds to skin and hair, continuing its dehydrating action even after leaving the tub, and in the most serious cases it creates skin sensitization and irritation.


It was designed to be used several times a day, a gentle cleansing that removes chlorine, protects against mycosis and restores natural hydration to skin and hair in a simple gesture.

  Its patented formulation was not born to be a shampoo but as an anti-chlorine solution to be used alone between workouts, before running back to office or simply to take care of your skin and hair and leave chlorine underneath shower without taking it with you.
Combine it with your favorite beauty routine to complete it by removing the chlorine in depth and then satisfy specific needs of your hair.

 TheWashing cream has a rich and soft texture that will conquer you, based on oils, it gently cleanses skin and hair, deeply hydrating them.  Dermatologically tested, it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and normal to dry skin and hair. Also suitable for children from 3 years of age.

Available in the 250 ml size, with special anti-spill screw cap or in practical single-dose sachets.


Designed for a male audience and for all those who love unique gestures, our showershampoo combines removing chlorine and protection from mycosis with a deep cleansing of body and hair, leaving them fresh, clean and without traces of chlorine.

Its formulation is soap-free and respects natural pH of skin and hair.

Dermoprotective and emollient, it is the ideal anti-chlorine solution for those who are always in race against time and want to keep with them only the wonderful sensations of a dip in the pool.

 Dermatologically tested, it is indicated for those with normal to oily skin and hair.

Available in practical single-doses sold individually or in packs of 10.


Its natural active ingredients eliminate chlorine and protect skin and hair from its negative effects, give intense hydration and contribute to collagen synthesis.

The characteristic intense color of burnt earth is expression of high concentrations of OPCs that help fight oxidative stress and photo-aging caused by sun.

Try it in its Washing Cream version, perfect for those who love soft and creamy textures based on oils or for dry and sensitive skin and hair, or in the Shower Shampoo version designed for a male audience and for all those who love a unique gesture to cleanse body and hair deeply.

Pinus Sylvestris Bark

Rich in polyphenols such as procyanidins and phenolic acids that act synergistically, mutually enhancing their own antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic activities. It protects the skin from aging and damage by UV-B rays.

Grapefruit Seeds

Rich in beneficial substances and active ingredients with marked antibiotic , antifungal and antiviral properties. Characterized by a phytocomplex of flavonoids which make them a powerful antidote against infections from bacteria and viruses .

Red Grape Seeds

They make the skin elastic and toned , counteract the formation of wrinkles, stimulate the production of collagen, drainage of excess fluids and improve the appearance of acne and stretch marks. Strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss, improving circulation in the scalp.


Duerre Group, leader in the pool and wellness market, has chosen Black Line as its partner, has immediately believed in the product and its creator and will integrate its pools with the anti-chlorine line, so that their customers can experience only wellness in a Duerre Group swimming pool

Duerre Group

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