About Us

The project was born from Cristina Chiuso ‘ s idea, 4-time swimming Olympian and former captain of the national team. Cristina has spent her entire career in the company of the inseparable black line and the smell of chlorine. She had forgotten the scent of her skin and the softness of her hair, so she decided to venture with the Blak Line in this project: to create the first anti-chlorine line based on natural active ingredients.

Research & Development

It took years of study, research, testing and the help of a team of dermocosmetics specialists.


We wanted a unique product that did not replace shampoo, we know that each of us has different needs in regard, long, curly, thin, colored hair, but something that completed the beauty routine.



An innovative patent

An anti-chlorine solution that, thanks to its innovative formulation, can be used several times a day respecting skin and hair and nourishing them.